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Blackmail Fetish Book? Do TELL!

FINANCIAL_DOMINATIONYes pet there is going to be a book…. no it will not be on Amazon or normal sites to buy from any time soon.

I have been an online mistress for a number of years now and the stories I could tell… Well I will be telling them now in my book on financial domination.

I do not plan to hold punches and no secrets are off the table. I plan to tell some of the stuff that happens between Dommes that most of you are totally unaware of. The drama, the faux pas and of course the girls who come in thinking it is get rick quick.

Nope, it will not only be a tell all about girls in the ‘industry’ but also about some of the guys who enter thinking they will be safe.

I did shop around a few publishers for this book and MANY were interested until, they realized I wouldn’t let them water it down. The book they wanted written would cut out the stories of how many wives I made cry and how many ‘dommes’ I drove out off the internet.

The book they wanted to see or rather.. wanted you to see, was just general stories that you can find on most any BDSM female blog…



I am not interested in that. I want to put out something dirtier and more real than anything i have ever put out. I know that has to scare you guys as you know I have the wife live phone calls out for others to listen too.

I do have a manuscript available for good pets but no, it is not available via Niteflirt. I have done many things off of Niteflirt ( please note I NEVER break NF TOS!) that I can not discuss within NF. I may actually make a Niteflirt one that does not take into account the things I have done outside of NF but I am not sure.

Wondering if you will be in my book? Well you just might! I have written over 600 stories now for it. I never said it will be a short read! Perhaps I should break it up into volumes! I could seriously write about 4 volumes for each year I have been around.

Teamviewer Domination FAQ

So many of you are contacting me about teamviewer, so I decided to make a little reference guide.

  1. My STARTING cost is 300… and no it is NOT negotiable. Simple reasoning for this, you can click a button and end the transmission after you cum. In the past, this has been as little as 1 minute in… If you are serious about me having your information, then you can pay this fee. If not, don’t worry I will not cry..
  2. No you can NOT pay via Niteflirt for ANYTHING teamviewer related. It is against their terms of service. Other dommes do it? Great… use them. I will not risk my account and I will report you if you repeatedly ask.
  3. You must pay up front and no I will not do much talking about it until you have paid.
  4. E Gift cards are the ONLY way to pay for a session. Send to amberlyownsyou at yahoo dot com. But use the at symbol and a period for the dot.
  5. Yes I do install software so you can not log me out, it takes about 10 minutes to set up. Before that, yes you CAN lock me out… hence the high fee.
  6. Yes I will do whatever I want with whatever information I glean and gather and NO I WILL not give a damn what you desire to happen.

I know it is very short but those are the basics. When inside a pets computer, I surf around, finding all the pictures you thought you deleted. I find all the passwords you thought were encrypted and the search history you also tried to delete. I know how to forensically dissect your computer and gather  wealth of info. Even a barely used computer can give me a wealth of information to use against a pet.

So pet, are you still game?

Blackmailed Into Stealing from His Company

Yeah, it really happened and you know what? For once I am baffled about the legalities of it all.

Usually with My blackmail pets, I will run My more sordid ideals by My lawyer. I mean, while I do not care if I go to jail or not for extortion, I also do not wish to make it easy on anyone either. Cat and mouse ya know?

So as I am one to do, I trapped a pet recently and began to give him tasks. Now My tasks are extreme and are not meant to be something that can easily be done. Sometimes though, I go beyond the extremes that even I thought was possible.

Pushing a pet to the point of having to find money via any means has happened before but never have I actively indulged or pushed them to go so far though, as to steal from their company. Marvin was just way to gullible though. He happened into this big fancy job in New York City and was earning mid six figures somehow while being a bumbling idiot. Even with a decent income though, still his creepy ways turned off the ladies.

This is why he turned to phone sex and even high end escorts. Most escorts though, left him as soon as possible and even took discounted rates to be able to cut out early. Marvin… truly is a Martian eh?

Enter Me. Marvin found My site and instantly loved the idea of being dominated. He knows he is a complete loser and loved blowing lavish loads of money on pretty girls with sick minds.

Now, I have always had a deviously dry sense of humor and Marvin couldn’t tell when I was serious or not.. a sign of a lower intellectual. He always told Me about how his new boss would leave money out and trusted him. I always hinted that he should push that trust. I suggested he start with just 100 dollars. Considering 1000s were out, who cared? And who would think he took 100 being as he was making so much right?

Well apparently, he did and every day after he would take 100 here and there. It soon became an addiction to him. He Robin Hooded his company only giving the funds to phone sex operators. Yes, I do not delude Myself into thinking I was the only one profiting from this.

Meanwhile, I had forgotten about the suggestion but I did notice as My bank account rose and rose. He went from being a relatively new pet to being one of My top spenders of all time list in less than 30 days. ( A difficult feat being as some of My pets are also in the six figure range given the years they have followed Me). Hard to believe? Perhaps but also most of you know Me… Much of what transpires with Me would be considered hard to believe.

Well Marv went missing a few weeks ago and I wondered why? It wasn’t till I looked up the news in his local area that I realized that he had been busted… Do I feel bad? Nope, not even a little bit. Guess I am a bit of a sociopath.

Beyond Teamviewer Domination

clips4sale-dommeSo what happens after an information gathering session on teamviewer? If you read My last post, well… Darren was a poor example for a few reasons. First off, I do not always do fucked up things to my teamviewer pets. It is all based on our interaction and how well we play together.

Often times, it leads to a contract or just a pay off in which the pet pays to have all the information deleted. None of you that come before Me ever believe all the information I can gather with the little I actually ask of you. I am not a Domme who demands a ton of information when it comes to blackmail unless it is a pet who annoys Me.

The truth is though, that pets usually block Me. Yes I realize it and no it doesn’t bother Me. They are so scared, I can hear them huffing and puffing and no not in a way that means they are jerking off. They can not believe I can access so many of their accounts and with such little effort. I do so in such a flurry that their reaction systems rarely have time to kick in and scream PRESERVE THY SELF! They just stare at their screens as if this is some sort of dream and they will wake up soon.

It is only once I decide to slow down or stop that their red flags pop up and they even bother to ask what all I screen shot, sent to My computer or video taped. Then they start trying to scare me with prison sentences… as if I care. Seriously, I would love to go on Dateline and talk about all the sordid things I do, please make Me famous! Once they realize that I am THAT serious, they then just offer to pay to have this go away.

I offer an amount to which is always quickly paid, they would be a fool to try and negotiate and then it is paid. After that I am blocked. I know they still frequent My websites though, and pray that I was a woman of My word. Some will come back MONTHS or even YEARS later and open up about the fear they had to live with after. Many turning to Xanax and other therapies to quiet the demons that I planted within them but somehow… all that made it hotter to think about serving Me.

They try to creep in, I mean after all that time, especially since I promised… I couldn’t have their info and they are safe right? No seriously, they are right but usually they just end up slipping up again and I have their information all over. I wonder if they can get a higher dose of Valium for the 2nd round of if their psychiatrists will not feel sorry for them, throw their hands in the air and say DUDE your on your own? Remember I am a deadly drug that there is no formal rehab for. Avoidance is the only thing you can do… Just say NO!

Forced Take Down TeamViewer Blackmail

teamviewer-blackmail-dommeSo we all know that screen sharing software is amazing! I like teamviewer but there are a few others that I really love to use to gather blackmail information with. There are actually a few that allow Me to upload stuff to your computer without you realizing ;).

Rarely am I ever asked what I do with the information after it has been gathered though… this tale? Will shed some light on that. Now I want to mention again… posting your log in details to Me without paying for a session, will get you NO WHERE. I just delete and roll on. I also do not use Niteflirt for teamviewer as it is against their terms of service. If you want a teamviewer session, you MUST contact Me on yahoo and pay via Amazon gift card. I will not discuss it on Niteflirt ever. Niteflirt no mix with teamviewer? We got that? Good.

So Darren came to me last week and wanted to do a information gathering session. He thought his computer was ‘clean’ and I couldn’t find anything. Little did he know that once I was in his email, that he had open and I can only assume is his porn/spam email account .. that I could gather a collection of all his passwords. It was really simple from there. He talked about wanting to stop the session but at the same time was amazed by all the hidden treasures I could find. He knew he was in hot water but the show was too mesmerizing to stop. Watching a true internet hackstress at her craft.

It was once I found him on facebook but rather than do it on his screen, I showed him via webcam my screen as I logged in and locked him out. I screen shot his entire friend’s list, made a post to one of my fake accounts proclaiming his new girlfriend and instructing his friends to add me. By the time he got in and got access back? It was TOO FUCKING LATE! I had 20 friend requests and counting. He posted that he had been hacked but his friends were not quick enough to just delete me. They left me up and a few messaged me. Family and friends alike wanted to know about this new friend who actually talked back.

He tried to convince them I was a bot or a hacker and was just trying to hack them. I posted about our ‘one night trist’ and how he broke my heart to get in my pants and posted that I was his girlfriend while at my house but after he left he deleted the post. His friends and family all turned on him, thinking he hurt some sweet girl. Could this be called reverse catfish? I watched as people swarmed to tell my tell to his other close friends and my friend requests started adding up again, as his went down. I even had some of them paypaling me so I could go to the spa and shake off the injustice of this jerk.

A few girls wondered how he was in bed and if he was a studly as some rumors said. I shot all those rumors down.

Darren is still trying to repair and patch the hole i left in his life. If he had the balls he would just point them to this post but I doubt he will.

#DotheRightThingDARREN became the hashtag that night. It was great!

Bondage and Blackmail, so Cruel

Homewrecking-bdsmI love, love, love having pets get hog tied. Being a distance Domme though, it often times makes things tricky. So how is a girl to overcome this?

I recently had a pet who inadvertantly gave Me his information, when he Amazoned Me a few gifts. That made Me? HAPPY! He was a bit of a cock and ball torture enthusist, so I decided to push that envelope. He quickly whipped out his web cam and away to the races we went. I had him smacking it, pouring hot wax on it, pushing pins into his penis and tieing his balls up with tight rubber bands. Of course, a cocktail of coke and alcohols of various varieties were needed to get the patient through but, he made it like a champ.

The night was far from over though before I made the suggestion of finding an escort. We both screen shared using teamviewer and I showed him a few options that I thought would be … HOT! We selected a sweet faced girl who was 22 and had her come over. I told her via our phone call that she was to tie up this pet for Me.

He was so excited to have this little non kinky woman fondling him and following My every instruction.. that was until I told her. I know all his information and was video taping this encounter, if she got any smart ideas then she would need to quelsh them and fast.. Next I told her to get his wallet out. I had her carefully take every debit card, credit card and identification and point them to the camera. She held them there so it could come into crystal clear focus and for good measure spoke the information outloud.

The little hog tied pet screamed his protests but it was too late. I told him I would post this video in his local craigslist under free stuff if he didn’t give this sweet girl his pin number to his bank card. He complied and sent her to withdraw an extra 1000 for herself. Girl truly was a good sport and did just that. I sent her on her way after untieing our little broken man.

He shock with fear as she set him free but he was rock hard from the experience. He told me how fucked up I am and how that was totally illegal. Meh, he loved it and knows he did. He came back the next night begging for more abuse. I unfortunately had to leave on an airplane a few hours later but tonight? Oh tonight, I have an actual friend who lives near him meeting up with him. Wait till he see’s Roxie’s package.. Her name used to be Rocky. This should be epic! And yes, there will be another video that he will have to pay to keep off the internet. Hope he doesn’t read this before…. meh fuck it he will still participate! To further his surprise, Roxie looks totally female until she lets it all hang loose!

IPhone Hacked Blackmail

photo credit: 110515 via photopin (license)

photo credit: 110515 via photopin (license)

I love the fact that I know how to infiltrate that which everyone thinks is safe.

First it was social media and now it is phones. Everyone knows that I got my start online in chat rooms as most bored teenagers go. It was there that I met a few people that taught me the fun skill of hacking into other people’s email accounts. Seedy? Wrong? Yeah totally but it was fun and so simple in those days.

It did gradually become boring though and a bit more difficult. Then, Myspace hit the scene. I loved myspace because it was really easy to spy on people. I used it in college to keep tabs on guys I wanted to go out with and chicks I wanted to see get crushed. It was also easy to make fake profiles and get people to add me and pretend to be others. Oh the information people would tell you just based off a profile picture and related friends!?!?! I guess it is a great thing I do not believe in monogamy because if I had a significant other, I would be the super soothe that they couldn’t hide a thing from.

It was shortly after that that I came to Niteflirt. Now… I have never been interested in hacking anyone’s sensitive accounts. Getting into some social media and email is about all I have ever done. For me, the ability to find other kinksters has always meant way more than ever risking my niteflirt account. It was funny how much information guys would just hand over though once they were in a compromised state of arousal.

They would gladly tell me their names, cities, what they did for a living and what type of car they drove and of course their age. Your name be John Smith but there aren’t that many John Smith’s in El Paso, Texas who are accountants that drive Silver Prius and are 43 years old with a birth date in May.. just saying.

That is where I became fascinated with blackmail and power control. Where other Dommes pride themselves on how much information they can milk out of a submissive, I would take it as a challenge to have as little come from seduction as possible. Instead, I would just listen and have the pet become increasingly comfortable with me. Letting the little tidbits fall and with the least amount of information, be able to dig them up.

The shock and surprise in their voice as they realize… yeah she knows who I am.

So where does the Iphone fit in all this? Recently, one of my non Niteflirt pets wanted me to find out a bit about him. I figured out how he was finding my website, and he was using an Iphone. After some creative googling via some backwoodsy type forums full of black hat information gathering, I figured out his phone number. From there I hunted down his cloud device and POOF had all his contacts and pictures, emails and texts. He about had a heart attack as I unleashed all I had. He tried to feverishly delete stuff but only to realize I had it all already.

Guess who is now contracted by Goddess?

How to Escape a Mistress

escape-a-blackmail-mistressThis question is always asked, how can you escape a Mistress?

I see it in google searches that lead to My site, I get it in emails and blog comments..

The answer?

There really is only one answer and truthfully it is never. One of My favorite childhood movies is The Last Unicorn and the scene that reminds Me of this is when Mama Fortuna says that her immortality lay in the fact that she captured the Harpy and held her captive. The memory of being captured will live in the immortal beast forever therefore Mama Fortuna would live forever.

The parallels to the relationships we form with anyone is so true other than the fact that none of us are immortal; unless we make history of course but let’s not make this conversation that messy today eh?

While a BDSM or Power relationship may result in two parting ways, it is never really completely over. Thoughts will arise even if only once in a long while and those memories make the relationship live on. This is how I hold my confidence that all My subs will eventually circle back. They always do, as those memories pop up and nag them.

For those I ruin? Clearly thoughts of Myself pop up often ;).  As they are packing to move or trying to find gainful employment while flying under the radar of the reputation I built for them, this is no easy feat!

There is never true escape once a relationship has formed no matter if it ends sourly or if it ends on good terms. A good slave is also thought of. I have many subs that have ventured on as we diverged to different paths in life. I think of them fondly and even each out to a few special ones that captured a piece of My wicked and cruel little heart. I often will get update emails a few times a year from them, letting Me know how they are doing and clearly that I am thought of.

No Domme worth her weight in salt can honestly say there has never been a sub that she didn’t grow a fondness too. I have never had a romantic relationship with any of My subs but MANY have brought a smile to My face and few bring one with just mere thoughts of them.

Ok I retract the above statement… rather, no experienced Domme should be how it reads. Newer Domina’s who haven’t found those diamonds in the rough have a bit of an excuse. There was a point in which I viewed all as disgusting losers but I lived and learned. Now I pride Myself on how many diamonds I can find rather than just having a vast following of anyone who can reach My blog and enjoy a bit of BDSM/mindfuckery/blackmail.

So gain, short answer is, there is no true escape BUT if you want to just leave a Domme as it isn’t working out? Just drop a small goodbye and go. Now if she has your real information, you will have to decide if the benefit out weights the consequence. Perhaps offer her a buy out but know that her memory will never go away and if you enjoyed it? It will nag you forever like a bitter wife.

Cuckolded into Blackmail

Cuckold-BlackmailThere are many ways to get a pet under a blackmail contract that you probably never thought about. Cuckolding? Yes I think everyone can see that coming in one way or another but how I use blackmail might surprise you when it comes to cuckolding.

The cliche is to tease a guy and make him want you though he is married which causes a home-wrecking situation. I however like a more seedy approach. I prefer to get a pet so weak they practically are shaking from not being able to cum; having them listen in as as I fuck My many boyfriends (remember I do not do monogamy) and forcing My cuckold pet to beg for release. It won’t happen though for a monetary process. No, its in those weak moments that I pull out information that makes the pet come under My Reign. After all, once I have enough information, why bother resisting?

Think that you can hold up against Me? I know how to make the agony of wanting to cum but the pleasure of holding out for permission seem so amazing that you will not be able to resist Me. It is through those techniques that I can make anything sound so sexy that you will just HAVE to give into whatever I ask.

Some would say it is a lucid form of hypnosis and I guess in a way it can be. I would say it is more mind fucking or mental manipulation. You would be surprised how many will sit and edge wanting to see more/hear more knowing that I am withdrawing information from them.  Don’t worry because I will eventually be withdrawing from their wallets. I use cuckolding as a gateway drug.

It is true that any fetish can turn financial domination but cuckolding, at least in My experience, is the fastest and straightest ride to the dark seedy world of money extortion.

Wife Humiliation Mixed with Blackmail

blackmail-dominatrixThe idea of making wives cry tears of frustration and desperation brings severe joy to Me.  Everyone thinks they are truly the innocent ones in this relationship but I do not believe that in the SLIGHTEST.

Most of them know about their husbands kinky fetishes but take no part in it. Now I have never been one for monogamy, I do not believe that humans as a species are built for it. BUT if you believe in a life long partnership, then I believe that turning a blind eye and then getting ‘humiliated’ after is just ridiculous. Stupid people or rather people who behave stupidly deserve all the damnation that is headed their way.

This is where I step in. This wives, who so foolishly leave their husbands unmonitored and not participating in what would satisfy them (in some cases try pathetically but that’s another story); are only offering up their husbands and by proxy themselves to Me.

I look at Myself as a fetish regulator rather than a dominatrix in many ways. Yes, I love power exchange and yes I love blackmail but it goes deeper than that. I do not seek out men, though some could say by building My websites I am… but I am not targeting them directly. They are the ones googling and finding Me. You reading this, WANT blackmail or at least love reading about it. And those who are married… clearly are not having their needs met at home.

Now most guys are too nice to tell their wife that this is just unacceptable… and that is where I step in! I come in to make sure that everyone knows their true role. This is how wives fall for Me, this is how wives get humiliated for My glory and this is why I am regarded as THE most hardcore Domme on the internet. I love watching that moment of realization that this is not going away. This is not a phase and yes, that fairy tale never existed. Watching wives fall before Me is such a great way to exude My power and most are too stupid to just leave and walk away.

This only serves to show Me that they never had a backbone to begin with. Anyone one who stays so willingly clearly deserves it.

“OH BUT GODDESS!! You have their information! You are making them stay!” Bullshit. NO nice way to put that other than Bullshit. They could easily walk away albeit they will have to deal with snickers behind their backs from family and friends. In walking away though, her snickers would be short lived compared to her husband but no.. that song “Stand By Your Man” rings in their ears and these blackmailed wives stay at My feet.

I have said it before and it is still true… I am the bailiff of the jail that both the husbands and home-wrecked wives create together. Slaves that have the keys but fear leaving. It is the ultimate power to have!