Mistress of Blackmail

sissification-mistressI have been coined the Mistress of Blackmail many times, simply because you can listen to the voice recordings of Myself outing pets to wives. You will find few real blackmail Mistresses online these days. I do dabble in fantasy but know that I have no problem with the real thing. I know how to expertly extract information out of any victim I deem worthy. As I have already prove my prowess if you will, My attentions come at a premium. I mean would you expect Jennifer Aniston to do a D list movie for 10 bucks just because you sweet talked her? No.. Even if you baited her telling her that if she was a REAL actress she would do it? … No.

Just like the greats of any genre, I have already shown what I am in a class all My own that I created. Again, other blackmail ‘dommes’ have come after and made similar claims but where is the proof? Sure Mine now requires you pay 15 dollars but with as many glowing reviews as I have… well… IT is a gamble WORTH risking. I am THE Blackmail Mistress and don’t you think for a minute that THAT is not true.

I get so many of you daily believing that I should chase you down, that some how you are magically worthy.. pfft. No.. If you wish for someone who has time on their hands and no pets already sucking away all their attention to chase you.. by all means find another ‘goddess’ to serve. Those that tribute Me first and show they are not a waste of My time are those who get more than one or two perfunctory answers. Why would someone who is otherwise entertained and inundated with slave requests wish to speak to a potential without proper tribute first? This Blackmail Mistress is in demand and time is a precious commodity that can not be retrieved after spent.. so if you want My time.. Make sure you SPEND first pets. Trust Me, you will not be thought of or missed if you miss your opportunity.

Now back to My 5 grand weekend. Thank you wallet wanker for the tributes after I got back from Vegas. I am frequenting there due to trade shows this year and this lucky pet paid for trip and gave Me 5 grand for coming back. I love pets who work to make Me happy.

Also worth mentioning is Michelle who is ever the good bitch for Goddess and always knows how to bring a smile to My face!

Teamviewer Blackmail

blackmail-mistressAre you unfamiliar with the merits of teamviewer? It is a simple program that one can use to access another person’s computer. I personally love it and for those pets that send Me gift cards it is a treat to rape not only their wallets but their computers. One of My favorite little louses recently hit Me up and paid a 300 gift rocket tribute to have Me access his computer. I found a wealth of information to which I began blackmailing him. Now before you freak out that I blackmailed someone against their will… if you let Me have access to your personal information, one can only assume you wish for Me to use it. Anything I use will always be for My own gain.

I found photos of not only him but his family which of course was used to make him shell out even more cash to the Ultimate Blackmail Mistress. What can I say? I am an original! I also went through his web history to find websites he had accounts on such as facebook and twitter. It was his linken account that held the most interest, I found out Mr Moneyclip * as I shall refer to him * actually has a vast array of political friends whom I knew he didn’t want to know his secret. Totally I took him for between Amazon and Gift Rocket was 3000 before the night was done. Yes it was a good day to be Me!

Facebook Blackmail Goddess

b2I truly wish to know why you pets leave yourself so wide open to attack online.. Richard, from those of you who follow Me on www.moneyovermen.com, has done that over and over. First I simply found his facebook page and subsequently is PREGNANT (at the time) girlfriend. This basically meant I had him by the balls but the only problem? Richard is a broke ass. I can milk perhaps 400 out of his lame ass a month strictly off the information I have on him but that is about it.

Simon though? He told me he read about poor Richard who to date still has information live on My main blog because he is too broke to get it removed. Simon thought he was real protected as he contacted Me via emails that weren’t associated with his real facebook account and didn’t use his real information. Simon thought he would be the one blackmail fetish head that could escape unscathed but alas he danced too close to the flames. Over time this block head also fell prey to My ways, as he slipped information such as loving his local country club. For most this would not be telling information but for Myself it was a wealth being as I had his real ip address from visiting My blog! From there I knew his city and state and well his city was small with only one feasible country club remotely near. He then told me about a golf tournament he entered and won third place and roughly the dates he went. I googled that country club’s website and BAM Simon Franklin.. awful name please slap your parents..

I then toyed with him and dropped information such as asking how was second place James doing? He knew he hadn’t revealed the real names of his friends so how did I know them? Because I am the Ultimate Blackmail Mistress that is how! He doubled backed and tried to quiz Me but I only showed I had MORE information from there. I could feel his sweat dripping of his brow from clear 300 miles away! He was stumped on how I had his information. It was too late though, I had screen capped everyone on his facebook friends list as his country club had a page and all I had to do was look at the likes to find him. His facebook page was open too which meant lots of photos I nabbed on top of links.

Blackmail Seduction Mp3: Siren Song

blackmail-sirenIf mindfuckery is wrong, paint Me guilty as charged! This latest mp3 I believe to date is My biggest Masterpiece. Trust when I say I pulled no stops in making this mp3 happen! I used every psychological technique and pseudo lucid hypnosis technique in the book to prey on those of you weak to be blackmailed by Me. I even tranced Myself during the creation in order to ensure that those listening would indeed fall. You will hand over your information to Me and not even realize why or when you did. This mp3 is not making bold false promises about dragging you under but indeed is! No one who listens to this mp3 will be able to resist Me, not like you had a chance before.

So since My last posting, I have had some fun doing what I like to call blackmail pops. Blackmail pops are when I take information I have gathered and scare some of those who have been pestering Me with tidbits of what I know and milking those wallets but never actually taking them on. My websites get over 200k of new traffic and pets a month and I get hundreds of blackmail applications a day, I haven’t the time to actually blackmail all who approach Me. Still though, every once in a while when I find a spare moment or two, it is fun to watch someone who thought themselves safe and just playing with Me, to squirm when they realize they could easily be captured if I so chose. The submissive mind is one that I love to tinker with and bend to My will.

I have also been in works of My fetish related books. I am a published author and never thought to meld the world of fetish with My writing outside of My blogs. I have kept work and pleasure separate for the most part but I think now the two can share a path n’est pas? If you are interested in them I should be posting about them with in the month so stay tuned!

Niteflirt Phone Sex Blackmail Game Success

niteflirt-gifI love raping wallets on Niteflirt it is all toooooo easy on there. Below you can see My weekend take home pay without taking a single call hehe! You pets just leave it all at My feet.

I am now over 10,000 feedback on there and heading quickly to 11k, it is very good to be Me ;). I have received many applications recently to be My blackmail submissive via Niteflirt. Who would have guessed I would become the number one sought after blackmail phone sex Mistress? Well I for one knew it! IT is simply because I have proof that I will call your wife. Feel free to go to dailymotion.com and type in My name and you will listen to a preview of what I have done to the first wife I outed so many years ago. Since then I have continued that tradition. I have several more mp3s that I keep to Myself as trophies and listen too that I have thought about releasing. I totally am in the coming weeks! I love watching these ladies squirm and you guys eat it up because you love My truest form of blackmail!

I have also raped some pets using paypal. Georgie girl is one of My latest pets dropping an impressive 3k on Me this weekend. He just couldn’t stop paying and paying for every request I gave him. I even texted his wife acting like a jealous ex lover to get her all angry and needed a girls day so she would leave the house. I had Georgie bang out some poppers and hop online and then I used TeamViewer to get even more blackmail information from his computer. Can you say OWNED? I can! OWNED OWNED OWNED by the fetish Mistress Amberly :). He is now one of My Blackmail submissives now. I dressed his forced intoxicated ass up like a girl and made him join chatroulette and dance for anyone and everyone. It was a fucking blast to see people’s responses live to his horrible rendition of I Feel Pretty. It was anything BUT a pretty sight. As long as those tributes keep rolling in his wife doesn’t have to know though!

Happy Holidays Blackmail Subs

Goddess-AmberlyThe holidays are almost over and My bank account is almost bursting. I took a bit of a hiatus mid December and did move in November not to mention My Birthday but I was blown away by the response of you pets that have tributed during this time of My absence. This rarely happens as I know I am more than deserving ;).  I am reworking My listings and all websites linked but then again I do believe that work is never done right?

I have also reworked My niteflirt customer listings to streamline those that want blackmail and those that do not. I get that for some, this is just a fantasy. You sit on the sidelines cheering Me on but would never want to get into the gridiron with Me. In a large way this is a huge stroke of My ever growing ego. At first, I balked at this idea… fantasy… please it is a waste of time. I know see it as the compliment that it is and intent to make more of My wares sideline friendly for those that wish for the fantasy. Do not fret though, most of My attentions remain with those that I blackmail.

I recently started a new vanilla business venture that has also kept Myself busy and having My ever loyal pet michelle bank roll it for Me. I wasn’t about to pay the start up fees of forming a proper LLC, beginning run manufacturing, trademarking and of course advertising… I made My sweet little blackmail sissy pay for it to the tune of 75,000. That money was straight wired to My bank account. After years of service I believe My sweet pet deserved the privilege of having My real information. What a treat! I mean it isn’t like she would dare betray Me given all the photos and video I have on My sweet sissy pet.

Ah to have an investor in My whims but no real partner to have to answer too.. So is My life as a Blackmail Mistress!

New Blackmail Contracts

blackmail-dominationGoddess is so happy that after releasing a few games I am once again at full capacity for My blackmail stable. My new sweet pet Buff is quickly becoming one of My favorites, akin to Sissy Sarah and if you have read My latest post on www.moneyovermen.com well… Bill Fold. Performing all of My tasks expertly and timely as well. I actually have very pleasant interactions with Buff.

My Canadiandate pet  * yes this is how I refer to him *, is also back and acting properly. I was surprised that he dropped 1000 on Me ever so quickly after our last session… wait no I am not. I know that Canadiandate does nothing but dream of the day that I will cave and allow him to be My real time submissive. This day will probably never happen but who knows, perhaps if he wishes on a bright bright star.

I haven’t had the chance to call any wives lately; it is bad when I have this evil itch to scratch and no one to dig My claws into. I have even tried making My tasks even harder and still all My current pets are stepping up to the plate. I long to call a wife to the point where I have been doing prank calls to a few of those under contract. Letting them know that I do have the information still but leaving their significant others completely out in the dark as to who has been harassing them.

I do plan to revamp my blackmail pages on My main blog and also post an actual page for it here. As you know this is not just for Niteflirt so there will be more options here than on My www.moneyovermen.com site. Stay tuned though My birthday is coming up this weekend so it might not be till mid next week that that change will happen.

And Below for you money fetishists, A few of the deposits from last month, specifically the end of. Take careful note of the B’s aka Candiandate ;). And that was wasn’t even My 10k Niteflirt haul. Heavy is the head that wears the crown … ok this is not true if you know how to rule RIGHT like I do!



Tributes from Victims

money-hunnyThere many ways to get a blackmail victim addicted to you and many ways to be a victim. To the right you will find tributes from one of My latest victims, though not a blackmail pet via extortion like many that fall before Me. No, his is a mental bondage. Young Trey is a loser of epic proportions; a basement dweller who has no job and parents pay for his credit card bills. His mother recently took his credit card and blocked Niteflirt simply because he is an addict and she is trying to limit his … you know to save HER SOOOONNN. Silly woman should know that once he met ME? All bets were off. I gave him My google voice number and quickly banged over 300 from the loser in a matter of sheer minutes. He then continued to hit Me up on yahoo begging for yet more attention, seems he couldn’t get enough of putting his hot little bills into My gaping bank account. He whined more and more for attention and begging to give Me more and more cash. It was funny listening to how little loyal live in son was bashing his parents just for My attention. I guess blood doesn’t run as thick as water? At any rate the little loser sat begging for more photos and more attention for hours, I imagine his pathetic small dick was very raw after this encounter.

Don’t get Me wrong, I love humiliating but I have many submissives whom I never humiliate but this loser is just that… a loser.  There was no way someone so repugnant wouldn’t catch hell and especially while calling a Domina. I mean seriously fucking Princess Diana and Mother Theresa wouldn’t be able to call this pathetic loser nothing more than a hideous example of why abortion is legal.

The Art of Blackmail : Seduction

hIn order for blackmail to be appealing to both sides and last long term there needs to be some allowance for seduction. One does not merely go from  meeting someone to within seconds having enough material to keep them under their power forever. Sure there might be a few situations that you go from 0 to 120 in 2 seconds but that type of power is unstable. For long term, you need to be inside of the puppets head. That’s right, I indeed said PUPPET! What else would you call someone who seeks out blackmail? They wish to be controlled with no way to back out and hence give the strings that will hold them in place; either unwittingly or by free will. True power again comes back to one set truth though… seduction.

No one wishes to just give their power up to someone they do not admire in any way shape or form and beauty alone is not enough to captivate someone either long term. Having a rocking body doesn’t hurt and certainly helps with initial attraction indeed and is a deadly tool that I myself often employ. It is then the soft sweet voice, you know the voice you do not suspect would ever do you any real danger. Not too sugary to sound like a mindless, thoughtless and utterly asinine bimbo but rather feminine and nurturing and reassuring. It is that reassuring tone that makes any suggestion seem plausible, clever and the most deadly… wise! It is then that you begin to give up not your more sensitive information… no, it is then that you begin to give up information that is more destructive than if you gave me your real name and address… it is then that you give me the key that unlocks the gate to your brain.

fInside your brain I can do severe damage, the type of damage that leaves room for me to stomp around even when you’re not in direct contact with me. I get daily calls from past slaves that have served that begrudgingly come back after trying to stay away. This is not hubris or self imposed ego stroking, no this is straight up facts. Once I have reached into my submissives head, that is the end and they always find themselves coming back for more. What is worse is the fact that I use this knowledge to pervert your fetishes further making your downward spiral all the more staggering. This process always endears yourself to me, making you crave me more. I honestly become your drug; the bearer of your agony and pleasure. Yes I will be/ am your double edged sword!

About Amberly Larson Rothfield


Ok so where to start: Well I am Amberly Rothfield or Larson depending on which page of which website you are looking at. Yes indeed I do not use My real last name… imagine that. I am however 110% a Superior Female that you will soon find is quite dominant in all aspects of Her life. I am 26 years old as of this posting and now expanding My web presence outside of JUST Niteflirt. Many know already about My Clip4Sale store and a few good pets can pay Me via Amazon and PPal. Do not think to ask about PPal however unless we have known each other for quite some time ;).

So back to the subject of this website shall W/we? I love blackmail. Not like but LOVE. If you haven’t it I am THE Mistress of blackmail. I have tons of wife phone call Mp3s, boss phone call Mp3s, Sister Phone Call Mp3s that attest to just how far I will go to hurt and out a pet who has gotten out of line. I am vicious as I am ruthless and I take great pride and pleasure in destroying weaklings who try to undermine My authority. Topping from below is never allowed.


That being said: I never yell or threaten. I simply tell you the consequences for your actions, be they positive or negative. I will carry out exactly what I tell you I would do and do not deviate at all. This proves to be most of My pets fatal flaws. They believe for some reason that I have arisen to My fame by screaming and yelling and demanding. My Amberlyphilosophy on this is simple… Yelling a sign of loss of emotions and thus control. None of you will ever possess such power over Myself. I will simply out you and be done with it or ignore you. Thats right! I wont out everyone if that seems like the goal they want. I am very good at honing in on the things that mean most to you and using them to get what I want!

I am on Niteflirt, Clips4sale and My Phone Site though you will find more readily on yahoo, My Id is to the right in the side bar. I also have a twitter account as well. There are many ways to contact Me THOUGH do note that emailing My yahoo account probably wont get you much attention as I barely check it but once a day unless I am expecting a tribute of some sort through it.